Trader's interface


It's good enough for buying 20-30 pieces of one item. But when I want to buy hundred or even thousand, that's a real test for fingers and challenge for nerves.

I see 2 ways to improve interface:
1) I click and hold left mouse button, items count will increase gradually. Stop when I stop holding button.
2) I click right mouse button and get the field to enter required quantity from keyboard. Console users may ignore it.

They may be mutually complementary.


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Shift and left click (hold down) will raise quantity of items by one until you let go. Shift and right click does the same, but with 5 items at once.

Still takes a long time, but it's better than clicking a million times ;)

I would like to see the slidebar like in mobile, although purchasing small quantities gets hard when you have a lot of money.

Or just open a menu to enter a number.


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I think you have it backwards @Ereo because Shift+Left Click gets me 5, Shift+Right Click does the same... except that you can hold down Right Click for it to continue buying 5 at a time until letting go.

Oh, and also, at 1.5.5 we will apparently be getting the ability to Ctrl+Click to get 25 at a time, so Ctrl+Right Click holding will go 5x as fast.

In past threads, I believe the ability to enter a quantity was the standout favorite.