Beach Farm Tortoiseshell Farm (1.5 spoilers)

Like a lot of people - I started a new game for the 1.5 update, and decided to try out the Beach farm! I'm not quite done yet - still have a lot of the Ginger Islands to explore + getting mangoes, bananas, and ostriches! (I got the one mango tree I have before the 1.5.4 update which took the golden coconuts out of the desert). But! Year 3, I've got most of my main farm completed, despite being unable to focus on crops too much. My greenhouse is almost full of ancient fruit, the bottom right shed is slowly being filled with crystalariums to split between jade and diamonds, and the bottom half of the fish ponds will be filled with the new fish from the Ginger Islands.

I will say it's been harder than I'm used to to get everything up and running, but I do really like this map, and everything you can do with it!