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This thread does contain spoilers. Read at your own risk.

Welcome to the Skull Cavern Thread! As promised when I joined, it's finally here, even if it's a month and a half late, rather than the "few days" I expected. But better late than never!

Skull Cavern is my favourite place in Stardew Valley. Whether I need anything specific from it or not, I’ll still pop in frequently, simply for the fun of it. Hopefully I have converted my experiences into a useful guide for you!

Please post any information that you think will add to this thread! And feel free to ask any & all questions you may encounter about Skull Cavern below; you will almost definitely be answered.

Finally, if you spot any incorrect or misleading information, just let me know. Any modifications will appear in the Changes & Fixes section.

Changes & Fixes

Nothing yet in the document, but please see @user314159's comment below (post #4) for Armored Bug drops and @Akemisora's comment (post #5) for an alternative to using Farm Totems and a strategy for Slimes.


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Thank you for this, it is resident on my computer alongside other illustrious things like Ultima IV walkthroughs and cat gifs. It looks great and I anticipate not noticing a thing wrong with it as you already know more than I do about Skull Cavern.

PS: I just got the pun in your name, only took 6 weeks!

PPS: I am slo


The reason Armored Bug drops don't appear on the wiki is because its drops aren't in the main Monsters folder in the unpacked content in the game code.

I don't know how to get drops from outside the page, but I can say what I have gotten from those with the Crusader enchantment:
Bug Meat (kind of common, I assume it's the same drop chance as a normal bug?)
Bug Steak (less frequently but still pretty common)
Diamond (though I think this isn't actually one of the drops; probably just part of that 0.05% chance from any monster after reaching the bottom of the mines)

There could be more drops I haven't remembered. But nothing too useful for the player in my opinion.


Useful guide.

I think it's good to also mention that it's okay to pass out (NOT dying) at 2am in mine if the player needs to maximize their mining result as it only costs 1000 gold (negligible mid-game and later) and waking up with half energy (just eat something).

Another tips is to ignore slime if possible, if you need to descend fast. They are tough individually, worse in group, and their drop are not the best. Unless you're in good spot, they will waste your time. A strong club + napalm ring is a beast combo against them, make sure not to spread them out.

(I'll add more tips if I remember something)