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I hope you enjoy it. See you next time.

Wait wait wait. What the heck is going on with your farm? This is not normal at all.

Okay, story time:

When 1.5 update came, I originally wanted to do a normal playthrough with my new farm. That was the plan until I came across this post:
The idea is instead of doing the usual ancient fruit+keg, the main moneymaker here is golden egg. I found that interesting and worth trying, so I decided to do it.
The first 2 years I did normal min/max-ing strat (i.e skull cavern, starfruit wines etc) while simultaneously completing the perfection goal and building coops.
I needed to get 100% as soon as possible to unlock golden chicken and the earliest you can buy golden egg is Spring 1st year 3.

In this save file, I completed the CC bundles instead of going Joja. This means I was unable to buy auto-petter. The only way left to get auto-petter was to kill monsters or from Skull Cavern's treasure chest.
I was able to get ~15 auto-petters by forcing the treasure chest from the Skull Cavern's chest. After a while, I got sick of resetting days just for auto-petters and decided to edit my save file to get auto-petters.
Yeah, it's quite shameful and I feel bad for tainting my otherwise legit save file, but whatever. I didn't enjoy forcing the treasure chests and there's no point in doing it if I'm not having fun.
I just want to see the full potential of this strat and that's why auto-petter is necessary.
For those who want to try this themselves and not cheating like me, I recommend you to be a Joja member and buy those auto-petters for 50k.
Yeah, I know you would feel dirty by joining Joja and thriving together with them, but it's the easiest way to get auto-petters.
I wish there's another easy way to get this auto-petter like buying it using Qi gems or something.
Typical Coop.png

Typical golden chicken coop layout

In theory, you can get 15 deluxe coops per year. However, based on my experience, realistically you will only get 10 fully upgraded coops per year.
It's fairly common for me to forget upgrading it when it's time to do so.
ConcernedApe, if by any chance you read this, I hope you give us ability to set an ingame reminder like this suggestion:

Around summer year 7, I finally finished building all the necessary coops. In total I have 68 Golden Chicken coops, 1 regular chicken/duck/rabbit coop, and 1 barn.
By the end of the year, all of my chickens have 5 hearts and ready to go for year 8.

Half of my farm is filled with coops and the other half is filled with ancient fruits. In total, I have 1940-ish ancient fruits in my farm, 830 in Ginger Island farm, and another 120 in my greenhouse.
This is how my year 8 farm looked:

Year 8.png

There are some things I want to note here:
1. It is possible to block your coop's door with another coop. The game won't allow you to place a coop right behind another coop if the door gets blocked. The game, however, allows you to place a coop right in front of another coop while blocking the entrance door.
2. I have 7 silos. 7 Silos give 1680 hay capacity which is enough for exactly 2 days (70*12=840 and 1680/840=2 days). Sometimes I forget to fill the silo and this gives me a buffer when that happens.
3. Sometimes my spouse helped me feeding the animal. When that happens, it means free 840 hays for me. While money was not an issue at this stage of the game, it always felt nice knowing that I saved 42k gold.

I did this setup for the whole year 8. This is the result that I got from the golden eggs and ancient fruit wines:
Golden eggs: 52.5k iridium quality (57%), 22.5k gold quality (24%), 17k silver quality (19%), and 0 normal quality which gave me a grand total of 96M
Ancient fruit wine: 34.6k wines for 80M. Please keep in mind that it also included ancient fruits that I got from the island farm and greenhouse, not just from my main farm.

What does this result tell me?
This golden egg strategy is actually a legit moneymaking strat. Even truffle farm probably won't be able to beat this Golden Chicken farm.
If I replaced the bottom half of my farm with ancient fruits, I would only get extra 1.4k of them. In 1 year, you can get a maximum of 10 harvests of ancient fruits.
This means 14k extra wines which equals to ~32M gold which is ~1/3 of 96M that I got from golden eggs (not including the cost of hays).
Not to mention I didn't need to keg the fruits. Harvesting and processing ancient fruits takes much longer time than spending roughly 20 seconds a day to fill your silo and immediately go to bed.

The downside to this strat was how long it took to build the coops, fill the coops with 12 golden chickens, and petting them until 5 hearts.
Unexpectedly, filling new coops with 12 new chickens was quite time consuming. I had to move around my older chickens to hatch new chicklings and then move the baby chicken to the new coop. Didn't realize how annoying it was until I did it myself. It's not that hard though, it was just slightly inconvenient.
Also, this strat is only useful for long playthrough. If maximizing profit is your main goal, but you're only playing for like 4 years or less, it's probably not worth doing.

Finally, year 8 is done and I'm done testing this strategy. I have no intention of continuing filling my farm with coops.
It's finally time to retire from this farm and try to make the best retirement farm with all these coops.
At first I thought that my farm would look really ugly with all these coops. Thankfully these coops are actually a blessing in disguise.
For those who had tried to decorate standard farm probably know how massive this standard farm is. It's really hard to decorate the whole farm because chances are you run out of idea first before the whole farm is decorated.
Thanks to all these spaces occupied by the coops, I now only need to decorate half of this massive farm instead of the whole farm.
I'm really satisfied with the final outcome. It's time for my farmer to enjoy retirement after 8 hard working years.

Hope you enjoy reading the backstory of this farm and more importantly the final aesthetic of the Fabled Golden Egg Farm
Spring 3.png

Summer 1.png
Fall 4.png

Winter 7.png
Summer 5.png
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At night it looks so serene! Beautiful job decorating! Have you finished this save file?
Yeah I decided that I'm done with this file. Already did the perfection, 14 hearts events with all of the bachelors/bachelorettes+krobus, and all that's left is just getting more money without any uses.
It's time to take a break from stardew again.


How do you enter all your coops if the door is blocked?
At the end of the year, I moved the coops so that I can take the eggs. Since it's winter, there are plenty of spaces to place the coops.
After I'm done taking the eggs, I moved them back again


I've took 2 days just to read this thread! The farm is very well designed that is a fact. But, I feel like there is just more coops than I'll ever need in my farm lol
I've enjoyed the amount of effort you've put in this season of play, YOU deserve before we all the golden thropy. congrats !
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At the end of the year, I moved the coops so that I can take the eggs. Since it's winter, there are plenty of spaces to place the coops.
After I'm done taking the eggs, I moved them back again
Wouldn't it work as well to get Junimo Chests form Qi's room, you'd need one per coop + 1 for your farmhouse or wherever you want to access it from?


Wouldn't it work as well to get Junimo Chests form Qi's room, you'd need one per coop + 1 for your farmhouse or wherever you want to access it from?
The eggs are gathered by the auto-grabber, so unfortunately I don't think the chest work in this case