Other Stardew Valley ABC


A is for Abby, with rocks as her dish
B is for Bait to catch some more fish
C is for ConcernedApe whose name isn't Fred
D is for Daisy to put on your head
E is for Elliott who lets his hair flow
F is for Fairy who makes your crops grow
G is for Grandpa who has a nice shrine
H is for Haley who hates things that shine
I is for Ice Cream for the hot summer days
J is for Jade to trade for a staircase
K is for Kyanite which shines in deep blue
L is for Leah who makes art for you
M is for Marnie who sells you some cows
N is for Nautilus Shell, found near Elliott's house
O is for Oasis, where Sandy sells seeds
P is for Penny who tutors the kids
Q is for Qi, he is up to no good
R is for Robin who makes things of wood
S is for Sam who plays to the beat
T is for Trash Bear who just wants to eat
U is for Urchin which comes from the sea
V is for Vault, fix the bus for a fee
W is for Welwick, the luck of the day
X is for Xbox on which you can play
Y is for Yoba, creator of light
Z is for Zuzu City that never sleeps at night