Issue sprite mods


im trying to replace my character mods with new ones, but everytime i take out the old ones and replace it with the new ones it says it cant find a character or something and everytime i click on my save file it starts to load but then just glitches back to the main menu ?


i figured im supposed to unpack then repack the xnb file but i honestly don't even know how to do that
Go to this page on the wiki and scroll down to the section that says Unpack Game Files.

That'll be the first step, and it'll get all the data from stardew into files that you can edit and interact with. From there you'll want to look into the Content Patcher mod.
This link on the wiki will point you in the right direction for that.

I'm not an expert on this stuff, but let us know how it goes.


Yeah, you don't need to repack them at all and can just reset your content files to restore them to their vanilla state, then leave your whole Content folder alone. The list I linked to check if your XNB mod already has a CP version also has some info about why, and more links for more info.

If you are creating the mod yourself from scratch, there are many sprite mods already available that you can use as examples. The linked alternatives page has several older conversions, but you can also just find them browsing mod sites, like this one that replaces Abigail's portraits and sprites with different ones.