Issue Sound Modding wont get applied


Hello everyone,
I am playing Stardew Valley for Windows on Version 1.5.4.
Since I'm fully satisfied with the vanilla experience, I'm currently playing through the game with someone else in co-op without mods.

We now came across the Void Chicken some time ago and found that the normal chicken sound doesn't really fit them.
So I wanted to customize some of the chicken sounds.

I used this tutorial:

I extracted the wave bank file, converted the sound files with LameXP into the right file format und looked for the sound effects I needed.
I choose to change the sound file called "00000020.wav". I threw it into Audacity, gave it a little bit more "darkness" and exported it as signed 16-bit PCM (i tried 8 bit aswell).
So that you can listen to it and examine it, I have attached the file below (or above... I don't know, that's my first thread in this forum :D ).
The next step was to open XACT and to convert the edited soundfiles back into the "Wave Bank.xwb".
I did that and replaced the original file.

As I started the game and loaded my save, I realized, that the sounds were unchanged. EXCEPT that only 2 of the 3 chicken sounds could be heard. My changed effect is simply ignored.
At least it also means that I haven't broken anything else.

My question is what do you guys recommend me to try to make my new sound effect work.

Thank you in advance



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