Coding Help Replacing Introduction dialogue through Content Patcher not working


Hi there! I've been using Content Patcher to replace the Stardew Valley NPCs with my own. All the dialogue I've replaced works fine, but for some reason, the "Introduction" dialogue when you first speak to the NPC won't change.

In this instance, the Monday dialogue "Test2" will show up fine, but the "Introduction" dialogue doesn't. Weirdly, this issue isn't consistent. Abigail and Emily's intro dialogue changed fine, but everyone else I've tried thus far hasn't. Am I doing something wrong that I'm just not seeing? Thanks so so much!!


Much belatedly, but this should work fine. I did a quick test to make sure:

The best place to start when something isn't working as expected is your SMAPI log. It is one of several tools we have to make both helping ourselves and helping others much easier!

Another is the console command patch summary which is added by Content Patcher. If you type that into the SMAPI console and press enter, a whole bunch of useful information will show up in your log. We would be able to see if your patch is being applied to Elliott's dialogue in the first place, for example :)

And when you need to share bits of your mod to show the patches you're having trouble with, the json validator uses the same (very forgiving) schema as SMAPI does, can be shared just like a log (or edited and sent back!), and can also specifically check content.jsons for CP or manifest.jsons in general.


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Sorry for the late thank you, but thank you! :) That's super useful advice!! Minor edit - the SMAPI log does indeed say that my Elliott dialogue is being loaded... very weird. I'm not too sure why it still isn't working. I'll keep playing around and see if I fix it!