Writing Pierre's journal

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day 508: Chris ask me why Abigail hates the fact that Sam and I are siblings. I say that I don't know. I go to study the ennviroment and by the way sell some vegatables in high price;) I stand up a stall from a table I saw near the garbage can. this thing is useable. why did they threw it away? no one approaches to the stall. I think they think that vegatables are nasty ore something. I see someone who eats a bag of chrisps. I tell him to buy one of my vegatables. he is disintrested. I see a spider on the wall and I flee because I am alergic to almost everything. Yoba help me! I tell everyone what happend and Harvey said that today he had hard day beause the patients were today. Chris and Eve said that today they found out that Chris is a talented ballet dancer. it is like a martial art!
day 509: no patients again. Everyone exclude Eve and Bubelgum going out today! Harvey write everything we see in his notebook. if you'll find my journal somewhere in the future please do your best to help the rebels,us. we look strange but no one notice us. we're lucky. He also writes that there only vending machines, no actual food. Harvey wears a mask and buys a water bottle for inspectation. no wonder that Chris and Eve escaped. I see posters for you know who next performence. Chris have a plan. make him think that the performence is somewhere else and in dreams will perform instead. This is a good idea!
day 510: another pop song. Kind of strange. Eve checked that Sam will perform somewhere else and we will perform in his place. we inspect the water bottle. there is only 40% water. everything else is flourite (I know what it is), astigoransim [sort of brainwashing chemical(I just typed something this is not real I guess)] and of course sugar! we will need to find another source of water. any thought? who am I kidding? no one will read this thing.
day 510 8PM: they play really experimaental music. I chenish it only because they are with us. Harvey dances with the music. he is a bad dancer. at least he isn't Emilliy. I recorded the music so here is the record!
day 511: I stand in the rain. this acid rain so I wear a torn cape to protect my clothes. very acid rain. I think about the past. I think about what would happen if they were defeated. we would be happy. Eve wouldn't escape from her home. same for Chris. Abigail gets out. she says she thinks about the future. she thinks what will happen to Eve and Chris if we will die. she thinks about get into underground again. they will need to continue the rebellion. Harvey also comes out. he says that he thinks about all the innocent lives that ended because of them. we all discuss about Eve and Chris. we hope that they will do the right thing. I'm going to a gallery! I'll check if there is any sculptrues made by Leah. there is some! but they don't look like ones she can sculpture. they are um... to realistic. she isn't here. I ask someone where she is. they respond that she is in other Gallery. dang it! we need to go after people we know they are alive. we only know about Leah, Sam (we found him well sort of), Sebby, Jas, Vincent and Haley. I found some information about them all so they are alive! we will start the search tomorrow!
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day 512: I'll search after Leah and seb, Abigail will look after Vincent and Jas and Harvey will go after Haley. I go to the other gallery. I need to take a train and a bus. I feel like Clarisse from "Farenhite 451". I sould start stay in the train and listen to people like her. I call to Eve. yes I have a cell phone. I report her in cypher that I'm on the way. I think about the younger people in the train. they don't know there was a free mind-control era. I call Harvey and ask him where he is. Harvey respond he is in the center of the city. I say he needs to go to the place where thre are fashion events. maybe Karem blvd. I need a spear. I'm in the gallery. I see her! Leah is there! I tell her that she sculpture very beautiful creations. She tell me she loves abstract creations but this is ilegall. I tell her to do what is in her heart. no one can block the power of art! Leah agrees with me so we found her! time to go after Sebastian! I know he loves to climb mountians but I canoot do that! I need to find a computer. I go into a Cafe and asks someone to use their laptop for 10 minutes because I don't have one and I need to check something. she agrees and I enter his name. he is the boss of a sucessful unit in Joja which makes PC chips. We will need to lure him by soup. Robin told me her recpie and I have pumpkins! I come back to the base and I tell Bubelgum and Eve what I found. Eve writes it in her notebook. I need to make the soup and deliver it. good night!
day 513: I make the soup. It is tasty! I need to deliver it. I go into the skycraper where he works. I put this in his locker. Harvey calls me and he say he didn't find Haley anywhere. I need to spy over him and see if he eats the soup. he doesn't! he give it to someone else. Plan please? Harvey offer a swap. he will check over seb and I will go after Haley. I agree but in one requeiment. if he climbs a mountian I don't help him. we done! Time to go after our fashion idol!
day 514: I go to Karem blvd but I can't see Haley. I walk in the street. Then I recive a call from Harvey. He say that Sebastian is going to climb a mountian soon. I can Imagine Harvey in a strange case of tracking. ahuhuhu~ I'm scatterd and lost in this place. I miss the good times. wait! I see her. Tons of make up (how awful) but still Haley! I try to call her but she doesn't listen to me! I call to Abby and ask her if she have something to report. There's nothing new. I told her I saw Haley. I heard she said there will be an event 3 days from now in Karem blvd. I will go to the event. Let's hope Harvey will be fine. I go to the train and I listen to people. Nothing new. Just nothing. I call Bubelgum and Eve to report them what I saw. I will stay here and listen to people tonight.
day 515: there is snow storm so Sebastian won't climb the mountian! Harvey is sp happy! The fashion event is cancelled so I have to find a way to get Haley. At least we are okay. Bubelgum and Eve go out to see what's new and Abigail going to check about vincent and jas. We need to go with her. We can't go after Haley and Sebastian so we sneak in the university. Harvey looks like a professor so he sneaks in perfectly. I look more like a man who sneaked in but no one cares! I don't see them and if I am I don't recognise them, Then some people ask Harvey for a lesson and he agrees. Yoba we have a problem. 90 minutes of Harvey teaching about sience. boring. I hear him through the door. He is nerveus. I want to help him but this is impossible because you can understand me. Harvey gets out of the class and he said he accidently entered to art class! Abigail see us! we must go! she catch us and takes us to a corner. she's very angry! she want from us to trust her. I respond that we wasn't able to follow our targets because of the storm. It doesn't matter! Harvey is scared and he say that he is sorry. Thank you! Abigail calms down and we get out. she told me she think she saw them. I'll check this out. we going back and Abigail tells us she saw many students and there are many classes. most of them are classes of something usefu and right now. Harvey tells about the art class and we laugh. Chris is coming! We walk together and talk. I feel good. I never felt like that since the days when we were free!
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day 515: I wish I could see anyone else. especially Lewis but with fashion sense! I tell Bubelgum,Chris and Eve about them and they listen. Eve asks me about them. I tell her about everyone and what happend to us. She asking me one thing: Why did we fleed? I answer that Some of us think Joja are bad and they tried to kill us! Eve was quite. I care about her. I want her to be happy. She is sick right now so I feel like this even more. Today I will colect the reports. I get a report from abigail that they are not in the university. They are in Joja skycraper. I give her good luck and hang up. there isn't anything special today. I discovered that Eve can eat anything. even stuff Harvey cooked yesterday (This thing is radioactive!) and also she's stronger than we thought.
Day 517: Chris,Eve and Abigail are very sad. I ask them what is happening and they tell me that Chris is considered as a criminal because he fleed. I don't know what to do. Harvey is exahusted because of the patients, They didn't listened to him. I try to calm them down but I fail. I hear something outside. A TV. I see Haley's face. I will need to get to there soon as possible