Creator Response Parcel monkey...


Big stardew fan from the UK
I ummed and ahhed about how long I should wait before I bought the board game after the announcement - I spoke to my friend in Foley and he said he would post it to me - so I took a punt and ordered.
Little did I know it would sell out in 24 hours...
Well, after lots of waiting and checking the forum for updates it arrived in Foley, Alabama on March 6th.
It was then duly posted to me on March 8th via parcel monkey.
I then eagerly awaited delivery reading all of your comments on the forum - even ordering the card sleeves for the multiple sized cards.
Well, after paying $55 for postage and delivery within 14 working days I had the worst possible experience ever from a courier company.
Little to nil tracking info, poor customer service and atrocious English all led to near 100 exchanges.
Told it arrived in UK in march only to find out it never did and then it had been marked as lost.
Told I had no insurance because I said it was a gift.
Eventually refunded the postage after multiple complaints saying exactly the same thing.
I even asked to chase my own package, which of course I was ignored for.
Anyway, after one final attempt to get an email for an escalation team leader or director of parcel monkey - I woke up this morning to an email saying they had some tracking info for me...
They'd only gone and found it - it arrived in the UK April 30th and within the last 30 minutes at my front door!

So, after a couple of months of waiting and seeing these scalpers trying to make mints on eBay (worrying mine was one of them) I finally get to play the game I've waited (im)patiently for.

Oh, and please whatever you do, don't use parcel monkey - or if you do, pay for an insured m