Optional complex fishing


Hi everyone, I started playing the game last week and I'm really loving it. One thing I really like is fishing because I like fishing games in general. What bothers me though is that fishing does not really feel like fishing so I want to suggest an optional way of doing it. Maybe there could be an option in the settings if you prefer simple or difficult fishing.

How about controlling the fishing rod by using the directional buttons (I'm playing on PS4) and still reeling in by using square. You'd have to pull left when the fish goes right, pull right when the fish goes left, pull back when the fish moves away and let go when the line is about to snap. The line would change color so you could see when you have to stop pulling and the fish would have a stamina bar.

As I said, it could be something optional so that everyone who prefers the existing way of fishing could still play the old minigame.