Issue Only Treasure rooms after level 10


Hey, so like in the title i only get treasure rooms after level 10 in the skull caverns, resetting or sleeping doesn't fix it either.
Was wondering if any of you ever had the same problem and know of a way to fix it.

Lew Zealand

But, but... think of all the Radish, and and Bok Choy, and Pepper seeds you can accumulate! A mountain of seed-related riches await you!!!

And Beet seeds! Endless possibilities.

Ah, I understand the problem now. Just too much of a good thing-- no single person should accumulate such a trove of seeds. It's unseemly.

It is wise to seek a fix.
yeah i do use several mods,
but i can't think of one that might change the luck level.
Turn them all off, see if that fixes it. If it does, use binary exclusion to test- turn on half of them, see if it happens, if it does not turn off that half and turn in the other half, if it does turn off half of those and see if it’s still happening, rinse and repeat. It’s an IT troubleshooting technique, should get you to the problematic one quickly even with hundreds of starting mods. Note that it may be the interaction of more than one, in which case similar principals apply but it’ll be significantly harder and more time consuming. If you ever get to a point though where the only mods off are ones you don’t care about and it’s not happening though you can always just call it there. Good luck!


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I've moved this thread from Game Discussion to Mod Support, hopefully you are able to resolve your issue!