Next version of Stardew Valley


"Likewise, there are several non-giftable NPCs in the game who show up to festivals and run shops, but cannot have a relationship with the farmer. This is one of the few limiting and frustrating aspects to “Stardew Valley.” It does not make sense that one can build a movie theater entirely by oneself, but cannot interact with Gunther outside of donating things to his museum. In the next update, these NPCs should be given normal schedules and heart events to add more depth to the relationships “Stardew Valley” puts so much emphasis on."

Yes! It's nice to see that people agree with me on this one! I'd love it if we could properly befriend Gunther, Marlon, Gil, Mr. Qi, the Hat Mouse, and maybe even Morris. And I always found it strange that Marlon attends festivals, but not Gil or Gunther. It seems that they don't have any life aside from their jobs, and I'd like to see them all out and about, give them their own birthdays and everything, let them go to the movies with us, maybe even let them attend the Farmer's wedding.

Speaking of characters who never move from one spot, another one of my biggest hopes is that we get Dwarf content in 1.5. It felt odd to see Krobus get a whole bunch of content in 1.4, but not the Dwarf. However, I'm guessing that Krobus might've been a test run in that regard and we probably will be getting Dwarf content in a similar vein. Being roommates would be nice, but I can't help but wonder, given how they show up to the theater and the Farmer's wedding totally undisguised and no-one bats an eye, if they might be more open to the idea of marriage than Krobus is.