Coding Help Need some guidance in creating my first mod.


Hello everyone.

This is my first post here 😅 and also first time trying to make a mod for Stardew Valley!

I have an idea for a mod and I would need some help to figure out how can I access some data in Smapi.

I read the documentation but some things are not there or just not clear because I never worked with gamedev before.

I work as programmer so picking up C# and taking it further should come naturally as long as I know how to start :D

So my first question is about the Events.

How would I go about triggering/detecting an event after some building was added/built on the farm?

I know that I can bind the method to be called with < this.Helper.Events.World > and then should I get the LocationListChanged or BuildingListChanged for that?

How would I go about identifying which building that I want to check was in fact added? (Since buildings/blueprints dont have their IDs like objects correct?)

My last question is to how access data regarding certain location or map for example Farm and is there data available for blueprints/buildings like some properties that can be modified?

How to access & modify that data after an event was triggered in this case certain building was built or player acquired certain item/level?

Any help to any of this questions would be appreciated ♥

Thanks in advance 🙂