Riverland Farm My planner layout!


Hi, I made a plan for my current save using the stardew valley planner and thought I'd post it here. I'm pretty proud of it, but I was wondering if I was missing anything, so feedback is welcome! I'll likely move the greenhouse up and to the left when I can, so some mahogany trees might have to move, and I'll add more fish ponds if I can. Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place.



This might end up becoming a progress thread for making my farm look more like the planner. (Do progress threads go somewhere else on the forums? I'm not sure.)

  • I've cleared out the big island in the lower middle and moved my barn and one of the silos there.
  • The fences, coop, and other silo are ready to be moved into place.
  • I have 6/9 planned fish ponds.
  • I finished my greenhouse with a wool sent by Emily and will move that when I move the other buildings.

And a change to the plan: The lower obelisk will be on the bottom island instead of the animals' island.
I agree, plus I'm terrible for not taking screenshots or not really thinking out my layout well, so I always appreciate looking at other's layouts for ideas in case I ever decide to finally get my act together lol


Update: On the last few days of winter I:

  • finished all of the animal island except for the grass and decorations
  • I moved all of the buildings into place
  • I've removed and replanted all my mahogany trees
  • Placed most of the pathing for the main island
  • Got a few of the quality sprinklers in the right places.

On the first few days of spring I:

  • Planted and fertilized a bunch of my crops
  • Forgot about my coffee beans and passed out trying to plant them
  • Placed all the grass starters and their respective fences
  • Realized I didn't have any scarecrows set up
And a change to the plan: I'll put crystal floor around the main set of fish ponds and figure out the scarecrow situation because looking at the original plan again I don't have nearly enough set out.