Lew Zealand

Local Legend
It looks great!

Ah, and I spot your motivation there. The insidious invasion of a supernatural being summoned by the remote arcane arts of a charlatan hiding deep within the bowels of a crumbling stone finger that once pierced the sky but now only exists as a feeble, rickety rockpile barely resisting gravity's waning influence. You purchased the giant clacking talisman which defies the Laws of Nature and Farm chaos, instead foisting general non-rectilinear squarishness into the brains of all Farmers who fall under it's spell. Thus lavishly lining the pockets of a self-proclaimed master of the Arts Arcane from whom even pastoral foreign exchange student forest spirits hide their true speech and identity because he sells you more of them with totally legal I'm sure H-1B work visas. But hey, hey he'll toss in the Hut for free! No, no he's just a recovering hairdresser with an reasonably cheap salon downstairs (full disclosure: this is the best part of the game) who happened to find a Witch correspondence course and faked his application by shaving his beard and covering his throat with a stray Junimo. "Adam's apple? No. It's totally a real one! Yes, yes... Look, I wear it there as a fashion statement!!" <slams phone down> Now you have a really much more compact way to display 10,000,000g which is subtly worming it way into your brain causing the grassy casually-Treed chaos of previous Farms to self-organize into straight lanes and open lands separated by stiles and hedgerows. And the best thing of all?

You trapped them Junimos and now they'll never get out!