More food recipes please!


This is probably just my inner baker speaking here, but I'm not even through unlocking the current recipes and I am OBSESSED! Every time I find a new recipe an excited little thrill goes through me! Here is a list of the following ideas I have, along with what the ingredients could be:

Apple Pie: Wheat Flour, Sugar, and Apples (3)
Birthday Pancakes (Or - Birthday Breakfast): Pancakes and Any Fruit - maybe even some new birthday dialogue?
Butter: Milk (!!!)
Caramel: Sugar and Butter
Chow Mein: Red Cabbage, Cave Carrots, Hot Peppers, and Rice
Coconut Pie: Coconut, Milk, Wheat Flour, and Sugar
Coffee Cake: Coffee bean (3), Sugar, and Wheat Flour
Corn Pudding: Sugar, Butter, and Corn
Dinner Rolls: Wheat Flour, Butter, and Honey - or - Bread, Butter, and Honey
Fruit Leather: Sugar and Any Fruit
Honey Cookies: Honey, Wheat Flour, and Egg
Root Soup: Potato, Leek, Cave Carrot, and Parsnip
Salsa: Tomato, Hot Pepper, and Spring Onion
Soda Cake: Joja Cola, Wheat Flour, Sugar, and Egg
Strawberry Dessert: Sugar, Butter, Milk, and Strawberries (5)
Tortilla Chips: Tortilla (3) and Oil
Veggie Burritos: Tortilla (2), Hot Pepper, and Any Vegetable
Yam Biscuits: Wheat Flour, Milk, and Yam

I'm sure I'll think of some other ideas as well, but here are these for now. I'll be uploading approximate 24x24 images for them in the future as well <3
If anyone has anymore recipe ideas, why not add them in the reply thread? I'd love to hear what everyone else thinks!
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I dunno there is a stew I like that involves beer, beets, leeks, kale, you top it with coriander seed, fennel seed and green onion. Meat or tempeh can be added but not necessary.

This could be made in game. I wish we had bigger recipes to make mock prismatic rock candies. Like that stew would increase your mining level, combat, attack and defense. Make similar foods that buff the forage, fishing and speed. That could be a mean green smoothie made from kelp, green algae, kale, slimejack and dino mayo