Master Angler in One Year!


I've done this before on 1.4 but it's harder in 1.5 because you have to get to Ginger Island and find enough walnuts to build the resort.

My husband and I had a little competition going: who could get MA faster.

The parameters were:
Wilderness farm
No backpack upgrades
Mine rewards: remixed
Community Center bundles: remixed
Guarantee Year 1 Completable: No

Having the smallest backpack was a killer, especially in Skull Cavern.

We both got similar bundles: we both needed a truffle and a cabbage.

I won.

My strategy was to get the Legend Fish in the first spring. The only crops I planted were:
15 parsnips
All the potatoes I could afford once I could make a scarecrow.
Crops needed for bundles.

The money from that and from fishing all day was enough to get me 25K by the egg festival. I spent about 12,000 on strawberries (I couldn't bear to water 25K worth of strawberries with a puny little watering can) and started the barn sequence while continuing to fish.

Got to level 10 and caught the Legend Fish all on the same day (Spring 20).

That got me enough money to complete the vault bundle and buy 75 starfruit seeds by Summer day 1.
I got five pigs in early fall.
Started getting truffles before winter.

Then for a lot of the fall I killed mummies and serpents in Skull Cavern, hoping for a drop of cabbage seeds.

My husband and I both got the seeds but he thought he'd have to wait until year 2 to catch the Legend Fish so he didn't get pigs in the first year.

This is our 5th or 6th competition. He almost always wins. Our last one was who could get Perfection first including 10 hearts with two kids, all at 50%. It took four years but it was fun.


If you wanted to be a sellout, it would be faster to do this by going Joja to get to the island :laugh: CC is probably more fun though.
Sounds like a fun challenge! I probably would have rushed mines as well as fishing spring 1, for sprinklers, but it depends how fast you can do the mines (and I also hate manual watering lol)


That's great. I couldn't imagine be able to do that, especially with no backpack upgrades. That is usually the first thing I do, lol. Congratulations!


The trick with no backpack upgrades is to have a chest everywhere. I had one at Willy's shop and another next to my fishing spot at the lake. Another next to Clint's so I could dump my geode contents there and then go back in to have him break more.