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Hi all! I first bought Stardew Valley on the Switch for my girlfriend, who heard great things about it and needed a relaxing game to unwind after she graduated from a very very intense 2 years in grad school. Well, I saw her play it for about 5 minutes and then we were both hooked. At the time, we just simply had to take turns playing our own farms, but eventually we got other people to buy it and play multiplayer and just played for a few hundred hours. As you all know, very recently local co-op became available (1.5) so we jumped back on a new farm on Steam, this time with mods.

I've told so many people to try it out and support ConcernedApe because to this day, I cannot speak highly enough about this game and cannot find any game that gives us the same feeling as Stardew Valley does (and i've tried). For us, the mods give more immersion and keep us coming after we've played this game for hundreds of hours over the past few years.

Anyway, hi all, lol. Glad to be here, excited to look around and take part. This wasn't intended to be such a long post, but I like how we started playing this and how this game played a role in relaxation after a tough few years.

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I tried to give you 11 or 12 thumbs up/hearts but apparently this website restricts us to sane levels of expression.

I'll leave you with a 5 second documentary of me after 6.5 years of grad school as I departed and never looked back:

(it's a Simpsons clip, so it's safe)
Lol 6.5 years probably deserves that reaction. I can't imagine what she would've done if she tripled her university time -- and in her field. Wow.

I think the game was just more impactful when people are grasping for a relaxing 'fix' to unwind after a hard time. It works! And lets not forget the fact that this game being so pure in its gameplay and lifesim is just refreshing. Right place, right time!