PC Looking for PC CO-OP players, 18+


Hi all!! I'm looking for some vanilla/modded CO-OP friends to play with me :)
I've been an avid Stardew player for the past 6 years, however I usually play solo and/or my friends don't commit to playing the game as often as I do.
I would prefer if we communicate via Steam or Discord :grin:

A bit about myself:
I am 22 years old, female, and based in the UK. I am typically only free from the hours of 5pm-12am (GMT), except on Wednesdays.

Please drop a message down below :D


Feel free to DM me on Discord! (zachd8899) I'd be happy to see if we can make the scheduling work. I could definitely make it work on weekends.


Hey!! I'm a 21-year-old female from the UK as well, I would love to play together. My discord is gabyshedwick and my instagram is @gabyshedwick as well, feel free to reach out!


ehi I'm Italian, and I'm new in this game but im loving so much, im searching for a coop my instagram is @mattcastello