Lobby in-game!


Hello everyone!

I would like to suggest the creation of a "lobby" for the formation of co-op teams in the game, making it easier for people to find someone to play with, given that many people have repeated messages on discord's "LFG", I believe that adding this option within the game where people could find and join others regardless of how far the farm is or the player's location will help a lot.
In the "lobby" there could be options such as "which year / season would you like to join the farm", "which location the player is in eg Europe, USA, Brazil, etc." and other options that you find interesting to make it easier for people to find others to play with.

I believe that this option is extremely important because I am looking for people to play together and it is very difficult to find, not only for me. I also believe that this option does not exclude the "LFG" from the discord, maintaining the two options of finding someone to play will be even better for forming teams.
This, together with the other suggestion I posted here on the forum recently, would greatly improve the game, I hope you like the ideas!

Link for the other suggestion: https://forums.stardewvalley.net/threads/save-without-hosting-needed.6932/


That sounds like there would be a lot of rebuilding of the Stardew software to accommodate such a framework, however. That looks like it has to be kinda baked into the system.
...probably not. There are libraries to do the stuff one can include. Just for Kademlia something like these:

But there are more possibilities to be server-less. Anyway that's a very technical problem and gets out of topic here.


What about 3rd party hosting server things. Things similar to virtual LANs? Could be a temporary fix in the mean time, and I've used things like that for older games that no longer have a MP service for hosting.