Question Is this mod idea possible with just Content Patcher?


I'd like to write a mod that lets different mushroom trees on your farm have different textures, where you can set the texture for each mushroom tree and have each new mushroom tree get a random texture when it spawns, much like the way Adopt n Skin works for animals. I don't think this is possible with just Content Patcher - among other things, I'd have to have the mod edit the save file to keep track of which mushroom tree has which texture, right? But my only SDV modding experience so far is a couple of simple Content Patcher mods, so I wanted to get a second opinion before I dove into learning C#.


You're on the right track! You can do awesome things with Content Patcher by editing or replacing game assets under a ton of different conditions, but it doesn't change the fundamental way the game uses those assets in the first place. Replace the shared mushroom tree asset in a different way depending on weather, season, day, hearts with NPC, etc? No problem. Making the trees on the same map use different assets at the same time needs a SMAPI mod.

(It's totally possible for SMAPI modders to extend CP's functionality through custom tokens, so in that sense it's technically doable through CP alone, should anyone ever make a mod that does that :D)