Is 20 Season Deck reasonable or can I change it to 24 Season Deck for changing difficulty?


I think, 4 Season card per season (not including Season End cards) is too short to finish all bundles and quest.

When I'm playing with newer gamers, I added one Festival cards for each Season with a total of 24 cards for the Season Deck.

After defeating this setup, I'm trying to build a Season Deck that have Joja cards at least twice per Season.

Do you recommend other factors that I can change to ramp up or ramp down difficulties?


5 season cards sound like a decent way to play when introducing a group of new players to the game, it might get too easy quickly though.

With multiple players, I sometimes increase the removal fee for Joja tiles to 5 gold or 1 heart per player (they're the one difficulty related thing that does not scale with the number of players)