Is 20 Season Deck reasonable or can I change it to 24 Season Deck for changing difficulty?


I think, 4 Season card per season (not including Season End cards) is too short to finish all bundles and quest.

When I'm playing with newer gamers, I added one Festival cards for each Season with a total of 24 cards for the Season Deck.

After defeating this setup, I'm trying to build a Season Deck that have Joja cards at least twice per Season.

Do you recommend other factors that I can change to ramp up or ramp down difficulties?


5 season cards sound like a decent way to play when introducing a group of new players to the game, it might get too easy quickly though.

With multiple players, I sometimes increase the removal fee for Joja tiles to 5 gold or 1 heart per player (they're the one difficulty related thing that does not scale with the number of players)


I think adding a festival on top of the 'standard' cards per season is a great idea! They don't tend to progress the season in any way yet give you that extra turn. Personally I started with the standard cards then started shuffling in one or two from the rest of the cards for each season then dealing the usual 4, to gradually lose the reliability until I was ready to deal from all cards.

Scaling the Joja removal cost also makes sense.

This will probably get me thinking! I had an idea to deal from all the rainy day cards just for the comedy value of every day being rainy, but that would also likely be a help regarding crop and money flow. Making seasons entirely out of Joja cards would also be interesting, like chaotic!

Other things you could try would be adding or removing the quantity of goals. In the rules there's the half the goals already and the expel Joja version, but you could throw in all grandpa goals for a thorough challenge or keep grandpa's 4 goals hidden until the community centre is complete. Don't think I have any ground breaking suggestions right now.


In our 3rd playthrough we've added 2 cards each season (all cards random, so we've got 2 festivals in one season and no cards with gift icon in the whole game lol). We've finished the game in week 16 (grandpa's goals + bundles) and removed JoJa tiles in week 17. We plan to experiment with the number of season cards, grandpa's goals and bundles (e.g. 2 cards in each bundle).