I need some help with the Galaxy Hammer (I’m on Mobile)

Well, I just bought that hammer for 75,000 coins, and now I don’t know how to activate that smash technique. Do I have to change the control mode to activate it? I’m using “Tap-to-move & Auto attack” btw.


Local Legend
You have to change controls or tap the player sprite itself if that makes sense, overall hammers are pretty bad on mobile and really not worth it to use. I would recommend just sticking to a sword as it’s much more reliable.


Yeah unfortunately mobile is the one platform I wouldn't necessarily recommend hammers for. You can tap the player character to (somewhat inconsistently, in my experience) do one smash, but to do the multi-hit you can get on other platforms, I think you have to use the "virtual button" control scheme? I'm sure it's possible but I've never really gotten it to work myself.