Please Read How to ask for help


Before Asking for help, make sure you:
1. Check the player's guide to using mods.
2. If a mod is outdated, check if there is an unofficial update or a workaround mod in SMAPI's compatibility list.

Common troubleshooting methods:
1. Reset your content files in case you've modified the game's original files.
2. Fixing common multiplayer problems.
3. Other fixes to common errors like crashing, freezing, etc.

Things to include when asking for help:
(Windows, Linux, MacOS, or Android)
Game version
(Instructions on how to upload your log)
Steps to reproduce (How to cause the error so that the developer can reproduce it)
Expected vs Actual results (What did you expect to happen and what actually happened?)

You can share screenshots, your mod folders, and save files on the forum directly if required by the developer or if required.
Take a screenshot and upload it on here or use an external image sharing platform like Imgur.
Find your save files and share it by uploading it directly or an external file sharing platform like Catbox.
You can find your game files to find the Mods folder and zip it using a compression software and share it if required by the developer.
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