Writing Holly (my in game daughter)

So I decided to write about her and her personality. Holly is a girl who loves adventures and danger. She isn't afraid to say what she want. Also Holly loves the nature and she don't understand why people live in the city. Holly is a good friend with Linus and she forages for berries with him often. Holly is very energetic and she is a short sleeper. She have very messy handwriting (Worse than mine). Holly is very optimistic and positive. She taught herself how to use bow and arrows, as well a sword. She is also a good friend with the wizard and she and Linus visits him once a month. Holly and her mother Lilan love to seek troubles together. She was in the city once in her life (with her parents). She is Steven's older sister and Steven admires her. Holly has a passion for sience and she loves sports as well. Her dream is to be a ranger and explore the world. Holly has green eyes and dark brown hair. I wrote this because I was bored
BirthdaySpring 6
Lives isStardew valley
AddresLove farm
FamilyLilan (mother)
Harvey (father):harvey:
Steven (brother)
Best giftsVegatables
Foragebles and flowers