[HELP] - Transfer saved multiplayer data


My girlfriend and I has been playing for a few weeks on her steam account on split screen. Now I want to purchase the game and continue with the multiplayer, but i dont want that my data (stored in her local game) gets lost once I start in my PC.

Does anyone knows if the second player data on her PC will get lost or any way to transfer it to my PC.

Thanks :)


Staff member
That's a good question, and I'm not sure of the answer. However, if this is possible, it's not going to require any "transfer" of game data, because all multiplayer games are hosted by the person that creates the farm. An online multiplayer game functions the same way as a split-screen game, with the save file for all players being saved on the main player's device. The issue is simply whether you can continue to play your existing character on the save, just from a new PC.

Hopefully someone here is aware of the answer!