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A very common question new modders have is which framework mod they should be using for the mod they want to make. This thread is meant to be a comprehensive guide to that very question, providing examples of mods that can be made with each framework. Links will be added to the documentation for each mod and I hope to have a list of expert modders for each framework that users can reach out to for help. Please note that while these users are considered the experts, you should use the available resources and the rest of the community first before reaching out to them for help 💜
  • Custom items: Json Assets (documentation). PPJAis the go to reference for all base JA uses. Team leads are @/minervamaga (me!), @/SpringsSong, and @/ParadigmNomad.
  • Custom locations: TMX Map Toolkit/TMX Loader (documentation on the mod page under spoilers)
  • Custom machines: Json Assets + Producer Framework Mod (documentation for PFM included in the mod download. Check inside the mod folder for a commented example content pack). Artisan Valley contains examples of both new custom machines and editing vanilla machines for custom uses.
    • Actual sprites are added via JA, PFM makes them work
  • Custom NPCs: Content Patcher + TMX Loader + Custom NPC Fixes (documentation for Content Patcher here, for TMXL see entry above, no documentation for CNPCF). Our NPC expert is fellowclown, who has several different NPCs. Trent is also a good resource.
    • NPC data is added by CP, TMXL for the maps, CNPCF is needed for all custom NPCs to function properly
    • May also add new items, forage, etc via the other frameworks
  • Custom Forage: Json Assets + Farm Type Manager (documentation for JA linked above, documentation for FTM here)
    • Add the items via JA and use FTM to make them spawn
  • Custom clothing: Json Assets (clothing section of the documentation). PPJA has several clothing packs available as examples!
    • Optional: sell the items using STF!
    • Includes shirts, hats, pants, and boots
  • Custom shops: TMX Loader OR Shop Tile Framework (TMXL documentation above, STF documentation here). Tailor Mouse uses STF and Farmer's Market uses TMXL as examples.
    • STF works with more conditions and Content Patcher
  • Custom mail: Mail Framework Mod (documentation for MFM included in the mod download. Check inside the mod folder for a commented example content pack). PPJA makes use of MFM for delivering recipes.
    • Can also use CP and fake events to trigger, but MFM has more features and is easier to use
  • Custom music: Custom Music (documentation on the mod page)
    • Use wav files, not ogg!
  • Custom furniture: Custom Furniture OR Json Assets (documentation for CF found in optional files example pack, JA documentation above). Examples of JA fake furniture found here.
    • JA big craftables can be used as decorations and are placeable outside without an additional mod, but cannot be rotated or larger than 16x32
  • Custom animals: Better Farm Animal Variety (documentation) Trent is our BFAV expert, with several animals released. @/SpringsSong and I (@/minervamaga) have also converted many packs from the old format to the new one.
    • Use JA to add new produce and PFM to process the produce! Animal Husbandry also works with BFAV animals
  • Custom spouse chores: Custom Chores (example content packs on the mod page)
  • Custom farmer: Get Glam (documentation)
    • Supports hair, shoes, bases, face shapes, skin tones, accessories
  • Custom fish ponds: Anything Ponds + Pond Painter + Content Patcher (see the example packs on the mod page for Anything Ponds and Pond Painter)
  • Custom grass: More Grass (documentation). Lumina/Lumisteria has published several packs!
  • Everything else (mostly): Content Patcher (documentation). There are many many many Content Patcher creators. There are too many types of mods you can make with CP to list experts for all of them here. Check the contentsmith role on the server as a starting place, but most active modders can assist with CP issues.
    • Allows many many changes
      • New dialogue/events
      • New tilesheets for use in maps
      • Editing existing sprites/tilesheets
      • Editing of data files like item descriptions, prices, etc
      • Map file swapping
      • Extremely versatile with a huge amount of conditions available
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Updated with links to the frameworks and their documentation, as well as some experts to reference! Please read the documentation and ask the community before reaching out to these people though 💜


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Bit late to the party, but great thread Minerva! We've pinned it so hopefully it will be visible for the people that need it :)

Lenora Rose

Thank you so much Odin! As new frameworks arise, please feel free to poke me to add them to the list <3
Has anyone been updating this into 2022? I know things are trying to move away from TMXL due to more sporadic updates, and Custom NPC fixes has lost some ground (because it can mess with Leo), and I don't know the advantages/disadvantages of JA vs DGA. And I don't know what I don't know about replacements or other changes.


would like an update. the only frameworks i can choose are 4.7.2, and 4.8. The wiki recommends 4.5, 4.5.1, or 4.5.2. So don't know if 4.7.2 or 4.8 is best,


would like an update. the only frameworks i can choose are 4.7.2, and 4.8. The wiki recommends 4.5, 4.5.1, or 4.5.2. So don't know if 4.7.2 or 4.8 is best,
you need to install 4.5.2, just google it and you'll find an offline installer from Microsoft.