Ginger Island [Beginner]


So, I finally made it to Ginger Island. I had to start a new save file, and play on Xbox to get the 1.5 update. Now that I’m there, I’m excited but I’m getting this overwhelming feeling about all of it. I haven’t figured out a whole lot yet. Got through the first few rooms of the volcano, gathered like 3 golden walnuts. I don’t know what to do first, or anything! Any suggestions?


The first thing you want to do is run around finding golden walnuts. First place to go is to the East, talk to the kid in the feather cloak (his name is Leo) and to the parrot in his tree house. You have to give your first walnut to this parrot to get access to the north part of the island. Once you find 10 walnuts total, Leo will warm up to you, start talking to you and you can start giving him gifts. (I recommend high quality duck feathers.) When it comes to walnuts, look for places where you have rocks or shells or plants arranged in a circle or cross or X shape and dig in the center with your hoe. Shake them off of bushes. (You also need to farm for some, break up rocks for some, fish for some, do a few quests, play darts with pirates. They're all over the place. There are 130 total.

When you go to spend walnuts, talk to the parrot by the big turtle first, get him out of your way so you have access to the farm space. Next unlock the dig site. These two get you access to the first areas you need to get a lot of stuff you need to do on the island. As soon as you can unlock the resort, that also unlocks the southeast area where you can find more walnuts.


Aside from getting walnuts to unlock the various features of the island and use them to the fullest, the most useful thing is probably the forge on the top of the volcano.

If you get up to the top once, then you can double back around to a screen that will take you back to the entrance area and open a gate that will allow you to go straight to the top/to the forge thereafter. You might still want to go to the dungeon afterward for other reasons, but being able to go to the forge whenever you want is nice.

The volcano dungeon has ten levels. Fifth level is always a "break stop" level with a shop. Staircases won't work, but the exit is always pre-determined. If you want to get an edge, you can use the screenshot feature to figure out where the exit to your current level is without exploring for it.

The forge will help you with getting an edge on end-game content, so it is well worth the bother!

Most walnuts require puzzling/exploring and finding the right little places to whack, but there's plenty to earn by doing everyday things too (like just breaking rocks in the volcano, up to a certain threshold). Don't sweat it if it feels like you're not getting much done - some island days are effectively just a vacation and that's fine.


Thank you all so much, this was very helpful!
I have been playing everyday for hours on end, so I’m totally in love with the game!
I was just so excited to finally be able to go to Ginger Island, so once I got there I just kind of panicked lol! But, this kind of helps me out. So, Golden Walnuts. That’s the ticket to unlocking most parts of the island? I see the Golden Walnuts in places that I haven’t quiet figured out how to get to yet. Ginger Island is super mysterious to me, I love it, but I’m intimidated. :sick:


There's a parrot you can talk to that will give you hints on where to find golden walnuts. Some of those places you might not be able to get to at first, but you will eventually figure out how to get to them.