First Iridium and use thereof

My first use of iridium bars is usually to:

  • Save up and buy the Desert obelisk

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10 coffee plants isn't enough for constant coffee buff, is it? I tried that once and I ended up with like 20+ plants. (I also hated the manual watering lol, although deluxe retaining soil might have helped if I was doing it on 1.5.)
I personally prefer +2 speed to the defense buff, since I can dodge enemies easier and not get hit at all, but ymmv.
The maximum pots one can water with an iridium can in one click (and still be able to collect) is 16, I think. So it's probably doable to have 32 coffee bushes indoors and water them in 2 clicks. But yeah, I generally aim at the retaining soil.

I don't mind watering that much, I like to have indoors plants anyway (a small herb garden in the kitchen, some tomatoes, aubergine etc.) but collecting all that coffee would be a nuisance, I think.

I don't generally use speed buffs all the time, only in very limited circumstances. I have dyspraxia (which simply means I'm extremely clumsy, drop things and suck at hand-eye coordination) and managing a fast farmer is even harder than a slow one. I still haven't caught any of the legendary fish, and I die more often when fast than when slow and armored because I can't react quick enough.
Iridium Sprinklers. You're going to want six of them for your Greenhouse. You can get them from Korobus, assuming you've collected enough artifacts to unlock him, but he only offers, what, one a week or something? You're probably going to have to end up making a few.


My first two went to sprinklers for my greenhouse. I need more kegs for all the coffee I'm growing in there.
First play thru, I've got coffee, hops, ancient fruit, strawberries, and cacti going in there :coffee:


My first iridium bars all go towards iridium sprinklers. On my Ravenwood layout, that’s 46 of them, 40 for the fields, 6 for the greenhouse, and I usually have them by the middle of my first winter, long before I’m ready to use them on the other options in this poll.