PC Finally, a working fix for Stardew Valley Co-op Multiplayer "Connection Failed" Issue


Hello everyone!

For many years since Stardew Valley was released, there have been numerous cases of the fearsome "CONNECTION FAILED" screen on many players' computers.

Me and my dearest fiancée had SERIOUSLY, I mean, SERIOUSLY STRUGGLED with the same problem for M O N T H S . We've been playing Stardew Valley for almost an entire year and every time we wanted to play co-op, we could only hope and dream for the connection.

Sometimes it took just a few tries.

Sometimes it took a few hours.

Sometimes it took a few w e e k s .

Both her and I had been working on a fix daily, and after trying Every Single Fix on the official SDV Troubleshooting Guide, Virtually Every Single Tip on the Internet, we F I N A L L Y came up with a working solution! =^ ^=

All you have to do is:

Go to the site:

This is a programme that will connect your computers together with your own network, through which you will be able to play with no lags and no trouble. 😄

2) Click the "Download" button in the top-right corner of the website, then follow the instructions and launch the app on your computer.

3) Choose ONE person, who will be the host/manager of the network (this means that he will have access to the IP addresses of other players in the network, blah-blah);
This person will have to register on the actual site to invite people to their network, it takes just a minute to create an account.
(Note: The host of the network doesn't have to be the host of the Farm in Stardew Valley)

4) The network host has to go to the "Networks" bookmark on top of the website and click "Create A Network" - the orange button in the middle.

5) Click on the name of the new network and copy the long "Network ID", then send it to your friends who you want to play with.

6) Make sure that all of you (including the network host) have turned on ZeroTier on your computers - it will appear on the taskbar under "Show Hidden Icons" (next to your volume and Wi-Fi icons).

7) Every player has to right click the little ZeroTier icon on the taskbar and then click "Join Network", where you have to paste the "Network ID".

8) The network host has to scroll down on the ZeroTier website until reaching the "Members" options. After people have joined their network, the network host will have to accept them manually by clicking a ✔ sign next to the new IP address that will show up.

9) Now, choose one person who will host the farm in Stardew Valley. They have to right click the little ZeroTier icon on the taskbar again and then click "Show Networks" - the last step is to copy the "Managed IPs" address WITHOUT the part with the slash.
(Note: For example, if the IP looks like this:, only copy this part:

10) The farm host has to send the IP address they've copied to the other players.

11) The other players have to launch Stardew Valley, click on "Co-op", go to "Join LAN game" and paste the IP address of the farm host.

This is it, you now have infinite access to Stardew Valley Multiplayer without the "Connection Failed" issue. 😊


Thanks for posting this. I had the same issue and I tried Zerotier which worked perfectly! We played for five hours straight. The thing is, we tried logging on the next day and our save disappeared.

When I first logged on via the IP, I saw our save with our characters and farm, but when my girlfriend tried to join, it disappeared.

So we logged out and tried again, but now both of us can't find the saves. I checked and tested both our local save folders AND steam cloud, but none are the same file.

For some reason, her old farm save has the same character with the same items/skill level as when we played together, but the farm this character is in is for single player (no additional cabin).

We're really sad that this happened. Have you bumped into this issue at all?


I followed to your solution but it still failed to connet :((( my friend hosted in a Win and I used Mac but we both joined the same Zerotier network. Can anyone help us with this? many thx