few issues with game

Lew Zealand

Local Legend
Thanks I'll try that later.. I got a couple more cows for Kenny's Farm last night but the cheese maker isn't in my crafting inventory (even grayed out). it was in the inventory for my other farm even though I had no milk producing animals on the farm and thought it was the mayo maker and built it first before realising I'd built the wrong one!! (have both now on FF).

Hoping to have Penny on 10 hearts by the beginning of spring so I can go get that pendant!! It's been hard finding things as only Holly and Crocus about mainly. I've been hoping a Poppyseed muffin would come up on the travelling salesperson's menu!
I know it's Spring now but the other 2 Winter Forageables need to be dug up, so if you have free time, Hoe your Farm and the land in the Mountains and Train Crossing, basically everywhere you can Hoe something. Also don't pass up any of the Worms/Artifact Spots in Winter. They're everywhere!