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Noonsa submitted a new resource:

Community Wednesdays - Short vignette events for Wednesdays in the Community Center, to give the location a bit more spice!

Welcome to Community Wednesdays![/size]

This mod adds pizazz (and a reason to visit!) to the community center, by having short events play there every Wednesday.

There are 15 events to view, one for each Wednesday of the year (except the Flower Dance day), viewable on that day by entering the community center.

What secrets do they hold? Not many! What stakes are there? Very few! What characters will you see? Mostly the unimportant ones!

Fascinating vignettes include "Marnie lets...
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Noonsa updated Community Wednesdays with a new update entry:

Version 2!

Version 2 is here, with:
1. A couple of new events
2. A reworked design, so that events will play from a list rather than being tied to a specific day (unless they have a reason to be tied to a specific day)
3. Compatibility with Stardew Valley Expanded
4. New config options, to choose if you're using the vanilla map, the Community Center Reimagined map, or the SVE map. By default it will try to auto-detect based on what's installed
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