Community Wednesdays

Content Patcher Community Wednesdays 2.3

Welcome to Community Wednesdays!

This mod adds pizazz (and a reason to visit!) to the community center, by having short events play there every Wednesday.

What secrets do they hold? Not many! What stakes are there? Very few! What characters will you see? Mostly the unimportant ones!

Fascinating vignettes include "Marnie lets a cow into the kitchen", and "Clint talks about rocks". Are you excited? You should be!

Features & Design

This mod contains a bunch (20+) of events. One will play each Wednesday when you enter the completed community center, at any time of day.
The events are designed to be short and snippy. Tonally, they vary between (I hope) cosy and (I hope!) funny.
The scenes feature vanilla NPCs, and the focus is on non-dateable characters. Generally, I have tried to highlight how the community center brings together 'unlikely' pairings - Willy and Caroline, Evelyn and Jas, Jodi and Robin - though there's still interactions between familiar groups too (e.g. Penny and the children). The farmer is absent in most events but there are a few interactive scenes.

Diverse NPCs? Yes!
Community Centre Reimagined? Yes!
Stardew Valley Expanded? Yes!
Cheat mods? Mostly!*

The mod is intentionally lightweight, it does not change schedules and includes no new character poses or portraits. So it will be fully compatible with any mods that change how characters look, or mix up schedules.

*Cheat mods: Community Wednesdays requires you to finish the day a couple of times between events, to prevent them all just playing at once. Normally that's alright, since you have to wait a week between Wednesdays anyway, but if you use a cheat mod that lets you skip days without finishing them properly then the next event won't trigger. If you're looking to just view the events without playing the game, you can find debug codes in the i18n folder (included in the mod). These debug codes can be copy/pasted into SMAPI to view the events.

The mod does feature a lot of characters walking all over the community center, so any mods which change the layout of the center are likely to lead to weirdness in the scenes. Except:
It is fully compatible with LemurKat's Community Center Reimagined which also aims to bring life to the community center - I'd recommend using that mod too.
It is also fully compatible with SVE, for SVE fans!

Download the generic mod config menu to see the config options. They allow you to set the community centre map layout (by default, it will guess depending on mod installs). Or randomise the order of the events.

List of events

Events will be in a slightly different order depending on when you finish the CC / what time of year you start viewing the events.
Here's what you might see if you completed the CC at the start of year 2, if you're still not sure if you're interested in installing;

Spring 3: Lewis, Evelyn and Willy admire the newly renovated community center.
Spring 10: Jodi finds Marnie in the kitchen with a cow
Spring 17: Caroline and Demetrius talk about the flower dance
Spring 24: Krobus pokes around while the humans are all away dancing
The summer lecture series
Summer 3: Clint teaches us about minerals
Summer 10: Pam teaches driving
Summer 17: Caroline teaches crochet
Summer 24: Demetrius teaches us about minerals (again)
School's back in autumn
Fall 3: Jas bumps into Evelyn in the kitchen
Fall 10: Lewis is a guest in Jas and Vincent's class
Fall 17: Vincent learns a rude word
Fall 24: Vincent has an existential crisis after calling Penny 'mom'
Winter 3: Gus hosts a pub quiz, which the farmer joins
Winter 10: Robin and Jodi investigate a strange noise in the boiler room
Winter 17: Lewis, Pierre, Demetrius and Willy talk about the Night Market
Winter 24: Jodi, Caroline, Gus and the farmer prepare for the Feast of the Winter Star
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Latest updates

  1. 1.6 Compatibility Update

    Small changes which mean there won't be any error messages if playing on 1.6
  2. Version 2.1

    Updated with 4 new events, to make the 'randomise' option have a bit more meat behinds its bones
  3. Version 2!

    Version 2 is here, with: 1. A couple of new events 2. A reworked design, so that events will...