Close Proximity


Hello Everyone! @PorkChop here again! In earlier posts I mentioned I was making a game and now I decided I could announce a few things about it!
You are a sentient "blob" in which you wake up in an old, dilapidated, robot factory in space. Your goal of the game is to find your purpose and discover your creator and a few other secrets along the way.
Not all the NPC's are made but here are some: MO, BO, CO, Franky Herb, Arnold, Fleyminuon, and others
Untitled 02-20-2021 08-30-11.gif

Untitled 12-30-2020 08-50-27 (1).png

Untitled 12-11-2020 03-46-32.png
Full sized BO:
Untitled 12-17-2020 07-05-40.png
Throughout the game, the player will have to unravel a mystery of his creator, his purpose, and where he came from. Obviously for certain purposes, I can not tell you the ending but I can tell you that Arnold (one of the NPCs you see ahead) Is the blob's creator's brother. You also try murdering Arnold because you think he is lying because you find out your brother was a human, so they could not possibly be brothers. Before Arnold shuts down because of his corrupted parts, he tells you that he died in a tragic nuclear energy meltdown in the lab, and his brother put his mind into the computer so he could technically be immortal, and always have a brother.

I would love to have feed back on this and please, oh PLEASE, do not steal this idea for your own uses. I know it sounds like a cool idea, but I don't want anyone using this because it took lots of time and effort. If you are a professional intrested in turning this game into a reality, I would love to talk.

Hmm I would love to through input but I need to ask a few questions

What is the blob as in is he organic (slime) , is he synthetic (nanites mass or liquid metalloid), or is he cybernetic? Each one could bring difference in environment interaction.

Is it a pinnicio or a frankenstein? Does he feel insecurities for his creation or is has he came to terms but others persecuting him?

Story spoiler: Was he created intentionally or was he the byproduct of science that discards him

Style of game. Is this gonna be a rpg, platformer, metroidvania, or Visual Novel.


@Zen_the_Ogre ,
1) The "blob" is a synthetic substance in which has a slight turquoise pigment
2) The creator loves the blob but others think that it should have been destroyed many years before the creator had made his factory (can not say why because that would spoil the mystery)
3) He was not created intentionally and was a byproduct of an earlier science experiment. This experiment was actually going to be used to destroy the killer of his brother in the car crash but then ended up producing the blob, thus later leading to the creators death.
4) This will be an RPG.


Can I pre-order the game? It sounds awesome!!
OH! Sorry! This is in very early development. None of the code has been fully completed and even if the game was completely finished, I highly doubt it would be out on steam or PS store, or any other platform just because it is more of like a personal home project. Like I said though, if you can find a professional to make this reality, I would be happy to hear! Thanks for the feedback! If I can, I might just be able to get it done next year with the most amount of effort. Thanks again for the feedback, and I'll hear from you later.


microsoft store has a separete section called ID@Xbox. This gives small developers the chance to publish their game on windows10 and xbox. I dont know much of the program, but if you want to try it out here is the link: (Also dont forget to inform me if it works!:wink:)
Wow! Thank You! I might use over the weekend since I am kind of backed up on background stuff. Thanks again!


HELLO EVERYONE! CLOSE PROXIMITY IS NOW IN BETA DEVELOPMENT! We have not yet been able to import graphics or movement so this game is a TBG. It may be done late next year an may be in stores for steam around 2023 (not a guarantee).
idk bruh.
Don't feel bad bethesda and ubisoft tend to release before finishing beta. Like why it's good enough and they leave you with this

Hey one thing I wanted to say is to check out an anime called "To your eternity"
It's about an alien artifact that was sent to earth and it morphs into what feels right to it. Going from rock to moss to a dying wolf and so on. As it changes it gains new abilities and understanding. Like not knowing hunger or pain until it became the wolf. It might help your design of the game.