Solved [BUG] Pirate's Cove Fishing Glitch


I double-checked before writing this, and my game does have the 1.5.2 patch applied.

I was fishing at the little dock inside Pirate's Cove when the time switched to 7 or 8 pm (whatever time it is the pirates arrive), and I was booted out of the area. I had just hooked a fish, and the fishing minigame popped up, but even when I won, it didn't yield a fish, which was understandable. But I accidentally clicked to cast immediately afterward, and that froze the game, with my character rearing back the fishing pole just outside the entrance to Pirate's Cove.

I probably wouldn't have had an issue if I hadn't cast again by mistake, but just thought I'd at least mention the bug.

Edit: It may also be worth mentioning that I don't use any mods.


The same happened to me as well. Had to let the timer pass 2AM till i pass out. Woke up at the island and everything seems to be fine.