Writing After the great joja takeover (Includes 1.5 spoilers)

Prologue: 2 years before of the story the farmer Tom moved in. He completed the joja development form about a half of a year after. A year and a half passed and the things looked worse and worse to the residents of Pelican town. The river was polluted so this was impossible to fish there. Tom sued Pierre because he disturbed him and Pierre entered to the jail even though he has done nothing wrong. Lewis retired from being mayor and Morris became the mayor. The ocean was full of garbage and no fish at all. Sebastian moved out too.

Part 1: Abigail looked out of the window. She saw the houses in the town. She knew that the people who lived in them moved out a while ago. She missed Sam and Sebastian who moved out too. Someone entered the room. Robin. She asked her what she thought about. Abigail told her about Sam. Robin told her how she misses Sebastian too and Abigail responded "same". They live together along with other residents who stayed in the valley (Shane, Leah, Willy, Maru, Demetrius, Harvey, Penny, Jas and Marnie). Robin thought about something Willy told her. The ginger island. A tropical place. At least was one. After Tom got to there he called joja workers and they made that island a vocation island and they banished the child who lived there. Now he isn't here. No one knows what happened to him. Abigail smiled. A little sad smile. Robin told her to come to another room. To the weekly brainstorm. They usually debate about where is everyone but not tthis time. There was no brainstrom this week. Leah came out and gave Abigail a note. She needed to go to Tom's farm. They lived in the general store (Pierre's) so it was about 10 minutes to Tom's farm. It was afternoon and Abigail saw the farm. Everything was blue and with joja logos. She didn't saw any animals outside, Nither grass. She saw crops. Joja crops. Seriously?! Abigail thought. She came back to the general store and asked what to do. Willy told her to just see the farm.
To be continued
Part 2: Abigail came back to the farm. She passed between the crops and she saw the lables of them, "Jojaberry", "Jojapear" "Jojamango". Many joja crops. She found a hen out of her coop. Strangely enough. Abigail heard Tom saying "Mush" to his cows. The hen was scared. "No wonder" Abigail thought. Tom is really cruel. Tom approached to that hen. He took her to her coop. Somewhere else. Abigail went to hide behind the shipping bin and she saw Tom enter his house. She peeked through the window. The house was cold and blue. She needed to come back. She came back to the general store and she told Robin what she saw. Robin blamed herself because she built those coops and barns. Marnie entered the room and she blamed herself for selling Tom her animals. Robin told them something. About the auto-petter. Tom used them to keep his animals happy but not with his hands. He used sprinklers to water crops and way too much fertilizer. His crops are genetically engineered and they were immune to the polluted water. Leah entered to the room and she told them that Tom destroyed her house. Everyone responded with "We know!". Willy, Harvey and Shane entered the room. Willy blamed himself because he gave Tom his fishing pole and Tom fished too much and now there aren't any fish at the ocean. Shane blamed himself because he and Tom were friends. Strangely enough Harvey didn't blamed himself. He told everyone to be positive. It will end. It didn't worked and and it made everyone feel worse. They agreed on one thing. Tom needs to be stopped.
To be continued
Part 3: Leah, Robin and Abigail stayed togehter in that room. They needed a plan to stop Tom and gain their homes. Robin suggested that they will take Tom's crops and then they will think Tom is a bad farmer. Leah didn't liked that idea. She wasn't spiritual at all but the spirits could be a solution. Abigail agreed but Robin thought that the spirits aren't real. Abigail told her about the strange creatures she saw in the old community center. They must have been spirits. Robin thought about it and she agreed. But where we could find spirits? Leah asked. Abigail had no idea for this. Nither Robin did. Abigail found a book about spirits in the store and she opened it on the page about forest spirits "Junimos. The spirits of the nature herself. They appear in abandoded buildings when the nature comes back to life." Exactly! Abigail said. Now we have to find a building that the nature took over it! But Leah's cottage and Marnie's Ranch were destroyed. Robin said. So we do need other place. What about your old home Robin? Leah asked and Robin told her it was destroyed too. Maybe other homes in town? Abigail suggested? Leah and Robin said togehter "No! They left just a few weeks ago and it isn't that much time to it to become mossy and stuff." Abigail checked anyway and Robin and Leah were right. No spirits. Even the joja warehouse was active as hell. Marnie entered the room. She asked what they talked about and Abigail told Marnie her idea. Marnie agreed but she didn't know where they can find spirits. Robin explained her about the junimos but Marnie was still confused. They realized one thing. Even though the forest and the rivers are destroyed they still can find nature out of pelican town! They decided to search the spirits.
To be continued
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Part 4: The girls came out of the store in the midnight. No one saw them. They walked to the old, not working at all bus. Marnie saw a flier on the ticket machine. It was for a brand new houses in the town. And exactly on the store! They had a problem. Oh oh, Marnie said. They're gonna build in our homes! She showed them the flier. Abigail said: Yeah, we have a problem. Leah didn't got why they didn't destroyed Pierre's. Niether anyone else did. The bas was broken again after joja workers fixed it. Strangly enough the bus worked that night. Only spirits could fix it! Robin realised that and told the others. They agreed because Tom has nothing to do with buses! They took the bus to a nearby town. The lights were broken so they drove to there in the darkness. Robin by the weel. The others were quite and they waited for Robin to stop at that town. They came to that town which was abanoded! No one was there! They used the flashlight they brought before and tried to find junimos.
Meanwhile in Pelican town: Jas woke up. She didn't saw Marnie. She checked everywhere and she noticed one thing: She was the only female there. Leah, Robin, Marine and Abigail weren't home!
And back in the other town: The girls checked everywhere but no spirits. They had to sleep and they were very tierd. They went to sleep.
To be continued
Part 5: The girls woke up, it was early morning, around 7:00. They saw a spirit near them! And a golden strange scroll, Abigail opened the book and she found a key to the language in the scroll, what was written there was "We are the junimos. The keepers of the forest, We will glady help you but in return we ask for gifts from the valley. Only if you are one with the forest spirit you will see the true nature of this scroll." Only Leah could see the true nature, Bundles. But they couldn't complete them! They needed milk, eggs, and wool, They couldn't find them at all! Tom had sheeps but they couldn't steal their wool. Same for chickens and eggs. And cows and milk. The junimo ran away while the girls tried to chase them, Then they approached to a tiny hut. The junimo entered to it and Abigail looked through the little door, There were dozens of junimos! They remembered the entire scroll so Leah looked for leeks, She found one and gave it to the hut, They took it, Then a human appeared! Tom! They knew they have to run away so they ran away, Tom wsan't sure what they did.
To be continued
Part 6: The girls ran away and they entered to an alley. They had to rest a bit. Abigail said: He didn't got us. We are really good. Marnie was exahusted because she wasn't in that good shape. She exhaled and said that they have to return to the scroll. They made sure Tom wasn't there and they returned to the scroll. The scroll dissappeared! They didn't knew what to do. They decided to go back.
Meanwhile in Pelican town: No one saw the girls and everyone were worried. Shane tried to calm Jas but it didn't work. They tried to think where they could be but they failed.
And back to the girls: Maru (Yes. She was with them) drove them back. It was about 9:00 pm and Robin was tired. They drove to Pelican town quitely and after they almost got to there they had a huge Problem. The road was blocked. Maru decided to drive away but Robin tried to stop her. They couldn't waste fuel and time. They had to drive away.
Meanwhile in Pelican town: Shane looked out of the window and he saw the bus with Marnie! He called everyone and they finally were sure where the girls are! They decided to wait for them to come back because Shane saw the road was blocked.
And back to the girls: Maru drove the bus on the road to somewhere else. This was their only chance to be safe. Everyone else went to sleep until the bus stopped for a reason. THey ran out of fuel. And they were in a distance of one hour of drive from the nearest gas station. What to do? Penny (She was with them too) asked?
Part 7: Robin answered to Penny. They will have to walk to the nearest gas station. Robin decided that she and Abigail will go while the others will make sure the bus will stay there. Robin and Abigail continued into the darkness. There was not any light. Robin and Abigail knew they had to keep true until they will reach there but they all had a problem. They had no money at all! Even the others have no money. It was or steal a can of fuel or go back and go to pelican town by walk. The second option was impossible. They couldn't go back. Not in that darkness, Robin and Abigail continued to walk. They had a long walk ahead.
Meanwhile where the bus: Marnie and Maru waited for Abigail and Robin to return. The others were asleep. They guarded the bus and made sure no one will steal it. Maru asked Marnie where Robin and Abigail are. Marnie responded she doesn't know. Then a truck appeared it took the bus and Maru tried to stop it but she failed. They had no bus.
And back to Robin and Abigail: They decided to go back. They came back on the sunrise. Abigail saw the bus was gone! Maru explained her what happened. They had to go back by walk. They took everything they had and walked back. After a few hours they came back. The others who stayed in Pelican town were mad. Jas was worried as hell. They all were angry and they had to go back to Pierre's. Marnie and Leah tried to explain their plan and the others undestood. Their revenge was important. The plan failed.
The end