add modssss and hoppers upgrade


hey CA it would be so cool if add the tractor mod from nexus into the real game and the stardew valley expanded and sythce harvesting i would agree if u get it like from 5 mil gold from krobus it would be still worth it and please add the hoppers get the finished product back
I would like to see a tractor or some more actions with Krobus.

Regarding "Stardew Valley Expanded" I think it would be better to integrate a mod-manager so anybody can easily choose which mod to use. Otherwise it could brake existing (save-)games for many players. I have suggested such before but unfortunately couldn't find the thread at the moment. :-/

p.s. if you could use at least some commas your text would be much easier to read ;-)


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I want my cow to pull my hoe. This would be equivalent to the tractor.
Except that the type of cow used to pull plows are not the same type of cow bred and used for their milk.

Edit to add: That's not to say I'm against the tractor mod being implemented... but if it's cow based, maybe we have to buy a different animal from Marnie to pull the plow?