Standard Farm 334 hours

RD Padouk

I was shocked to see how many hours I have spent on this game over the last few years. (Yes, pandemic...) I have displayed a few of these in the past, but wanted to show some of the updates. Yes, it is heavily modded, but I view that as part of the charm of Stardew Valley; you can make it truly your own. Should anyone be interested, I am always happy to answer questions.



Thats cool, I love the coffee tea room.

My rooms are no where near decorated like yours and I just checked I'm at 393 hrs on my 1st farm fall year 8 (The year of no crop farming mining only) year 9 the year for maybe its a leap year and year 10 is friendship instead,
ah anyways yes I think your doing great I like the bigger greenhouse that looks like a great modd.

what are you currently busy with? do u have plans to change or do something? Just curious as what others do on year 8.

RD Padouk

Thank you FairyRing!!! I am exploring unusual ways to plant crops and flowers. For example, I have wheat on the inside and sunflowers on the outside in the uppermost double-plot in the image I shared. This is simple, but I think it might be fun to try and combine several adjacent plots and create some complicated "pixel-art" images.