1. thatotterthing

    Suggestions for creatures and fur patterns?

    I've been working on a little animal mod for fun and at the moment I have the rabbits, pigs and horse done! I'm also going to be making an "different creature" mod (mainly so I can add ferrets and other fun animals) and I wanted to know if there were any kind of creatures people would like to...
  2. Kikiom

    Windows [BUG] Obelisk and background issue.

    First time I see an issue in the game. 😄 I add an Obelisks to this place and there is a visual issue with the background.
  3. Mac [BUG] Cutscene Visual Glitch when Fishing on Ginger Island

    Hi all, First time poster here. I was playing on two-person Co-op on Mac and experienced a visual glitch. Both of us were on Ginger Island in the fossil area, and I cast a line in the narrow river immediately before the other player triggered the cutscene with Professor Snail by bombing the...
  4. Windows (Visual Bug) Leaf Particles Not Appearing

    Tested on Windows (Steam) and likely reproducible on other platforms How to reproduce: Intended behaviour: 1. Cut down only the "upper" part of a tree 2. Wait for the upper part of the tree to fall down 3. As intended, a leaf particle will now be spawned Bug: 1. Cut down the "upper" part of...
  5. arc1arc2

    Colorblind Accessibility Options

    I have red/green colorblindness and have a lot of difficulty being able to tell if crops like strawberries and cranberries are matured and a lot of other players share the same experience. Ideally there would be an option between Deuteranopia and Protanopia where it would change some textures...
  6. Azrashar

    Content Patcher Simple Foliage 3.0

    Simple Foliage V3.0 Spruce up your Stardew Valley trees with this mod! -------- -------- Installation instructions: No special instructions right now, install as usual! Nothing's breaking yet :'' -------- If there's any issues with the installation process, let me know! It's easiest to...