1. Solved TMXL help?

    Hello! I apologize if this is dumb, I'm not sure how modding and etc works. Recently I've updated every mod that I could update and have taken out mods that I thought were causing issues. However, I have been seeing this particular error every time I try to start up SDV. One of them being this...
  2. Question TMXL example

    Hello Everyone, I want to ask you about tmxl. Can you show me example in content.json for edit beach game map?
  3. Issue [HELP] TMXL doesn't work with STV 1.5.5

    Does anybody know where i can find TMXL that will be compatible with version 1.5.5 (Windows), or anything to replace it? I tried to replace it with the newest version from nexus, but it doesn't work.
  4. [HELP] Tile Error, Won't load textures. These are the logs^ I've tried reinstalling and updating everything but the textures won't load, Starblue doesn't load, Seasonal Buildings won't load, neither do any other look changing mods do. I play on PC and on 1.5.5 beta. All the errors...
  5. Keksiin

    Question Objects disappear after placement with the TMXL Map-Toolkit

    Hello everyone :) I really need help! Objects placed with the Mapkit tool will disappear after the game is exited and restarted. Unfortunately I don't know what to do. Does anyone know the solution to this problem