1. FairyRing

    Other Stardew Valley Pride Thread!

    Pride is next month! 🏳️‍🌈 So let's celebrate our pride through our love of Stardew Valley! Share your pride here, in game wedding photos, pride themed farm, SDV pride memes, maybe you have that perfect pride game outfit, be creative have fun!! All welcome!
  2. Lumisteria Flower Pride Banner 1.0.0

    This mod adds currently 6 flowered banners based on pride flag. Inspiration : This project was inspired by : - Stardew Forum Monthly Prompt - This reddit post about making flags with flowers - This project creating enamel pins of flags with flowers I may add more flags in the future if i...
  3. kdau

    SMAPI Prismatic Pride 1.1.0

    Prismatic Pride a Stardew Valley mod by kdau Change prismatic items to rotate through the colors of the pride flag of your choice, then deck your farmer out in a wider selection of prismatic clothing to show it off. Let’s see your true colors shining through! Game: Stardew Valley 1.5+...