1. K.J

    Question about a Haley portrait that I find funny

    What line of dialogue gets me this portrait? Is it from an event?
  2. blackrose_illus

    Issue Vanilla facelift mod doesn't appear, just showing regular game portraits

    Hello! So I just got back into playing Stardew again and, since I'm using a different computer, I've manually downloaded all the mods that I've been using, or at least was using, instead of using Vortex like I was recommended. However, one of the mods that worked wonderfully last time, the...
  3. Question Portrait mods

    Okay so I’m somewhat new to modding, I’ve messed around with a couple config.json files. My current issue is I’m trying to use the female bachelor mods (invatorzen’s dialog and adarin’s girl mod) with leyalluna’s portrait mod. I’ve got the girl mods running but leyllunas just won’t work (I...
  4. IsThisMadness

    Windows Portraits in game are now full screen

    So my cat walked across my keyboard and now the portraits in game are out of the square and huge over the text box. I have no idea how to fix this and can't find anything on it. I have tried restarting the game and looking through the options but neither has worked.
  5. Art Help Need Suggestions!!! Does this type of portraits fit in the game or would anyone like it?

    I just recently discovered a few portrait mods that utilized the HD Portraits mod and created anime-style portraits, but some of these didn't fit my taste. I tried to make a few of my own, but I'm not sure if they fit with the game's style because they're so CG. I'd like to know your thoughts on...
  6. Question Portrait Mod Help for Ridgeside Village

    Hello everyone! I clearly have no idea what I'm doing wrong... can someone please double check my mess? :sweat: I'm at my wits end LOL. Any and all advice/criticism is welcome 🙏 Thank you in advance! https://smapi.io/json/content-patcher/d2b067dd8a984b3cb406e481697c9815 along with this...
  7. jacs

    Content Patcher jacs' Portraits 1.0.0

    Hi Res portrait replacements for Pelican Town’s 12 Bachelor/ettes! I made this mod to challenge and improve my drawing skills! I would love to draw portraits for all the characters but for now I’d like to move on to other projects. This is my first mod and idk what I’m doing so please let me...
  8. Greengrass

    Art Megan

    A portrait I made for a custom NPC mod currently on progress. :D
  9. Issue CP not working

    My CP mods aren't working in my game? Is it because the new SDV Update? I use the mods of DCBurger, OrangePie, and College Guy Mike. https://smapi.io/log/11d4311f9b354a53bcaf84f9130c7c17
  10. Question what do i need to know to make a portrait mod? (for CP)

    I've been wanting to do one a long time, but i don't know a lot about coding, i figured i could ask for help in my first steps here. I also want it to be a high-res mod since i plan on making hand drawn portraits and not pixel-art/sprites, i know i need to use pyTK but that's all i know. Im not...
  11. Question Portrait Mod

    I have a problem or I do not know if I am doing something wrong or I need to download something else, it happens that every time I install a portrait mod it is downloaded as a png, help I have been dealing with this for a few days. it is my first time installing mods of this type.
  12. VexedPuff

    Portraiture and Seasonal Characters

    If I make high res portraits for the Seasonal Characters mod, can I just drop them in the Portraiture mod folder as long as the files are named properly?
  13. lilan castel

    Art I try to make a portrait to my farmer

    I used the Leah portrait from SVO as a temaplate but it still looks like Leah. How can I make it more uniqe? and before you say I didn't added anything I did changed many things!
  14. Purrrrfect

    Thank you all for helping me decide, here is my farmsona!

    Thank you once again to everyone. Greetings and good game. Purrrrfect.
  15. Android [HELP] I really really want to use merchant portraits..

    Is there a way to use merchant portrait when I choose Korean? I use the latest version of SDV and the screen resolution is over 1800, but I can only use that when I choose English. help me :'(