1. Solved [BUG] Fish pond loses all its progress when I reset it

    I upgraded Fish Pond to 10 slots. Then I decided to change the fish breed. I fished out all the carps and tried to put a largemouth bass into it. I received the message "a largemouth bass doesn't want to go to carp pond" - but there are no carps in a pond. (A pond still is marked as "Carp pond")...
  2. Question Move Farm Pond

    I see mods that remove the South pond on the Standard Farm but I'm just wondering if there is a mod or a way to move the pond somewhere else. I really want to keep it for my ducks to swim but it's in an inconvenient place. I tried searching here and on nexus but couldn't find anything. Thanks!
  3. benjellyman

    Pond fish need some help

    So yeah, we all have had to put strange items in the pond, like for example, my spook fish wanted quartz. I mean, that’s ok, and I’ve had my super cucumbers want a sea urchin, which makes sense, but why in the world does my blobfish want wine?!? I mean, no wonder they are blobs. They are fish...
  4. 1313e

    Legendary Fish Ponds

    Hi everyone, continuing from the suggestion I made on adding Prismatic Tools, I also had an idea of allowing legendary fish to be raised in a Fish Pond. Currently, legendary fish are in a bit of a weird situation, where one only really catches them for the challenge (well, and to get the...
  5. Nathan2076

    What is the best fish to put in the Fish Pond?

    I recently built a Fish Pond and now I want to know what is the best fish to put in there.
  6. Mobile [BUG] Fish Pond - Lava Eel Bug

    I play on iOS and I've put two separate fish ponds on two separate playthrough files with the lava eels. Whenever I get to the fish quest for two mega bombs, five eels, I can't put the bombs into the pond. I've blown up things around the pond (gates and torches) trying to give the bombs to the...
  7. More fish pond colors!

    I would like a whole variety of colors in fish ponds, depending on the kind of fish and all that. Right now we only have 4 that can do that, and I’d like there to be more. For example, rainbow trout=rainbow, squids=black,catfish=gray, etc