pixel art

  1. How to reduce a sprite image without changing quality??

    Guys, i really need help. I'm trying to make a 512x1047 image turn into 16x32, so i can make my NPC sprite, but every time i change the image size, the quality goes horrible, I tried to do it in photoshop and aseprit, but in both it was pretty bad Does anyone know how I can do this? the image...
  2. jpsklr

    Art Female Bachelors

    Currently i've made Alex based on talkohlooeys's art style. Soon I will do the other characters and will be posting here in the same thread, feedback please :3 Elliot Harvey Sam, I don't think this one was so good. Sebastian, i'm not satisfied with the result The last one but not...
  3. Uzzlegorf

    Art My Stardew pixel art (updating)

    I will add more soon!
  4. masterneil

    Art My Legendary Fish Excel Art