1. VanLamar

    The community is bigger than you think!

    Hi, I propose to add the Ukrainian language, as the Ukrainian community of the game no less than others, and I think it would be very nice and nice when your native language is in the game, especially at a time like this.
  2. CarePanda

    Bulgarian Language for Stardew Valley?

    Any idea if Bulgarian version is possible? I am willing to translate (even if I am the sole translator). I know modding is an option but I have no idea how to create mods and such, and people who might make use of the language may not know how to use mods.
  3. Hussein

    Arabic language support.

    I know it might be hard since the format is from right to left, but I think it's possible, see this (Note: I haven't made it):
  4. Polish language in game!

    Hi! It would be great if they officially added Polish to the game :heart: