1. PC Anyone want to start a long term farm? (18-)

    Hi! I'm looking for new friends to start a farm with. I want to do Sundays at 5pm mountain daylight time. Please be 18- to join. I'm new to the game but have played a few hours and know the basic gist. Would love to chat through discord while playing. :) My name on discord is Abby1234, and I...
  2. Switch Looking to start long term farm

    Hi, I've been playing SDV for a bit and I'd like to start a farm with people. I usually play several hours a day, so farm would be available every day. I'm in MST timezone. Please reply or add me on Discord. We can start a group chat (voice/video NOT necessary). Discord name...
  3. PS4 Anyone wanna play long term?? Idc about age

    Long term no cheats
  4. Lukerst30

    Switch Play through with the new update

    looking for people to join me in a new play through since the new update came out. Don't quit halfway through.