1. Kreeate

    [GUIDE] - How to manually install SMAPI 3.13.2 on Windows

    Some users are reporting issues with SMAPI's built-in installer. NOTE: This guide should only be used if you are unable to install SMAPI with the standard installer. Of course SMAPI has a readme.txt for manual installation. This guide is meant to expand on those instructions and I will try to...
  2. Guide-Clearing Your Farm

    When You Start Stardew Valley, You Will Be Given A Field Full Of Trees, Grass And Rocks. Clearing All Of This "Debris" Will Allow You To Build Useful Farm Buildings, Or Just To Expand Your Crop Fields For More Income. But The Question Is, How Do You Clear Your Farm Efficiently? I Know About Two...
  3. Thaddeus_

    New Player Condensed Guide (repost from a different thread) (Mostly spoiler free)

    Welcome! This is a small, condensed guide I have decided to make for you :heart: (Mostly spoiler free) You're going to learn that sprinklers are love, sprinklers are life. In other news, Cauliflower, Melons, and Pumpkins are great for before you can grow things like starfruit/make artisan...