challenge run

  1. Lancekro

    The trash challenge

    The Trash challenge Basic rules : - The only items you can sell directly to shops or put in the shipping bin (check the special rules section for shipping achievements) are items you directly got from trash cans in Pelican Town and items you collect from recycling machines. - For everything...
  2. Looking For Specific Game Seed

    I've been watching ArgonMatrix's Randomised Perfection Challenge and jokingly rolled just to see what I would get. So no levels, no catching fish, no farming, no shipping, no friendships, No Traveling Cart, and let's see what task I get...! ...I got completing the Museum and getting the Museum...
  3. Windows Does The Four Corners Farm Spawn Foraging Items?

    I'm trying out a challenge run that I saw CallMeKevin do. The one where you can only leave the farm once a year. I chose the four corners farm and was wondering if foraging items spawn anywhere on the farm or if I'm going to have to switch farms.
  4. Game seed with specific remixed bundles?

    Hi! I'm looking for a good seed for an early CC with remixed bundles challenge I'm trying out, and I was wondering if anyone could help me. If possible, I'd like to find a seed that has these bundles: Crafts room: Any Pantry: Garden, Artisan, and Rare Crops bundles Fish Tank: Any Boiler Room...
  5. CyberGrass

    Small things (challenge run)

    I had this idea for a challenge run for a while now and wanted to share it Rules for the run: Must be played on the four corners farm, you are only allowed to use the corner with the farmhouse, all other corners and the crossroad in the middle are off-limits You may only grow 15 of one crop at...
  6. BlaDe

    Getting Married Spring 17 Year 1. Have I missed a friendship source?

    Hi. I am starting a farm where I will be married on Spring 17 Year 1 without using mods or glitches. This involves proposing on the 14th. I will be marrying Haley - her early bday will make this possible. I am running this on 1.3, but am wondering if I have missed a friendship source to allow...