cant join farm

  1. Switch [HELP] Online and Local MP Not working..

    My husband hosted a 4 player farm for myself and two friends because nobody could join when I hosted. We played halfway through spring and logged off for the night. We're trying to get in again and his farm isn't showing up in either local or online in the join tab. Same thing when I try to...
  2. Solved [HELP] cant connect

    my friend cant connect to my room and i cant connect to hers either is it a common problem, if its not what we can do about it
  3. PC [HELP] MacOS - Multiplayer Can't Join Farm

    Hello, I recently saw many threads about MacOS or XBOX can't join the game/farm since Tuesday 8 June 2021. My girlfriend is playing Stardew Valley with Macbook via Steam. What we're facing: My farm is not available for her to join. The "Enter Invite Code" button is missing. Tried joining via...